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What We Provide

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What We Provide

We’ve designed our practice to accommodate both non-Bahamas businesses that need sharp local expertise, and local/regional businesses that want a trusted hand and 24/7 attention.

That’s why our array of services is broad. As real estate, banking, and litigation experts, we’ve built legal specialties around our strengths and your needs. What’s more, we often price our services based on your value—not maximizing our fees.

Contact us if you’re interested in:

    • Litigation Services (Commercial, Civl, Trust, Dispute Resolution)
    • Corporate Services (Incorporation, Offshore Registration, Restructuring)
    • Commercial Transactions (Property, Real Estate, Development)
    • Estates, Probate & Wills
    • Specialized Assistance for new and existing business in the Port Area (GBPA)
    • Maritime, Shipping & Admiralty Law (Ship Arrests, Crewmembers, Collisions)
    • Enforcement of US Judgments
    • Corporate Governance Advice
    • General Advice
    • Identification Services for International Companies (Notary, identification, authentication)

Meet the Partners

ParrisWhittaker is a local law firm founded by two top lawyers: Arthur Parris, real estate/commercial expert, and Jacy Whittaker, a litigator with extraordinary energy and an outstanding track record. With the addition of partner Kenra Parris-Whittaker, the firm has a combined 60 years of experience, and brings a new level of energy and commitment to the Bahamian legal market. 

  • Arthur K. Parris, Jr

    Arthur K. Parris, Jr

    Partner Work+242 352 6112

    The extremity of his integrity has established the Nassau native as one of the leading legal authorities in all of Grand Bahama. Initially, Mr. Parris’s clients choose him…

  • Jacy A. J. Whittaker

    Jacy A. J. Whittaker

    Partner Work+242 352 6112

    For Jacy Whittaker, the key to winning cases is being abundantly overprepared. Jacy gears up for war on everything. The litigator never walks into a courtroom without more research, more…

  • A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker

    A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker

    Partner Work+242 352 6110

    A seasoned young litigator, Kenra believes that justice prevails. She also believes that justice is on her side–regardless of superficial facts, and even of prior governmental rulings. This…


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