Are you an owner of a ship or other vessel, and in need of legal advice?

Are you an owner of a ship or other vessel, and in need of legal advice?

Maritime and shipping law is a complex area, as any ship owner can testify. With differences from port to port and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the need for expert legal advice is clear. At ParrisWhittaker, our award-winning team of maritime and shipping lawyers are ready to advise – whatever the vessel, and whatever the legal problem.

The Bahamas enjoys high status as a much sought-after destination for ship owners – and in recent years it has become a particular destination for superyachts. As evidence of a general improvement in global financial health - and of a thriving period for the Bahamas in particular – the Nautilus Telegraph recently reported that the region is enjoying an unprecedented level of superyacht traffic.

World class waters

Bahamas financial services minister Ryan Pinder warmly welcomed the news, and singled out the maritime sector as a notable area of growth. He said, “The yachting industry allows us to . . . create financial services opportunities, catering opportunities, logistic opportunities and transportation opportunities, because when they register here, generally the yachts cruise our waters.”

The Bahamas Maritime Authority has a reputation as a world-class registry for superyachts – and for all other vessels. In the International Chamber of Shipping’s performance indicator table for 2013, the Bahamas achieved a near-perfect score. And it’s no wonder that the Bahamas is estimated to represent around eight percent of the world’s tonnage.

How can we help?

In 2014 we expect the Bahamas will continue to grow as one of the world’s leading ports, attracting business from all over the world. The award-winning team of maritime and shipping lawyers at ParrisWhittaker is proud to be part of this exciting time in the region.

Our expert maritime solicitors are experienced in every aspect of maritime and shipping law, from helping major corporations and owners of high-value vessels negotiate complex legislation, to acting on behalf of crew members.

We are able to advise clients on the full range of issues facing those involved in shipping, including:

  • Grand Bahama Port Authority License Applications;
  • Swift and effective vessel and product arrests;
  • The quick resolution of vessel and product arrests;
  • Personal injury litigation on behalf of crew members;
  • Personal injury litigation on behalf of cruise ship passengers, including class action suits; and
  • Effective resolution of maritime lien and ship mortgage disputes.

Whatever your shipping and maritime law issue – from ship owners looking to join the Bahamas’ surge in superyacht traffic to crew members seeking urgent legal advice – the expert shipping lawyers at ParrisWhittaker are ready to help.