Are you concerned about the legal implications of social media activity?

Are you concerned about the legal implications of social media activity?

If you are concerned about potential illegal activity being committed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you need swift, intuitive legal advice. The award-winning lawyers at top Bahamas law firm Parris Whittaker are ready to advise on your concerns.

The use of social media sites seems an almost universal pastime. From the ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter and professional LinkedIn platforms, to artsy photo sharing sites such as Instagram and the latest video-sharing sites such as Vine, there is no shortage of ways to connect and share.

But alongside the benefits of social media come concerns regarding illegal activity. Photos and artwork shared between friends and colleagues are open to appropriation by companies for commercial gain, or to artists and photographers falsely claiming copyright. Gossip and anecdotes can take an unpleasant turn, spreading false and damaging rumours. Perhaps most troublingly, illegal activity can flourish through personal messaging and chat-rooms.

At Parris Whittaker, our award-winning lawyers have an expert grasp of the legislation surrounding social media. The most important areas of law to consider are:

  • Defamation – are social media accounts being used to maliciously and deliberately spread untrue and damaging information about an individual, group or business
  • Intellectual property – has a social media account infringed or appropriated the creative or intellectual property of another person (such as photos, videos, artwork, texts or documents)?
  • Privacy – has a social media user (particularly accounts held by corporations) deliberately attempted to breach privacy, including for financial gain?
  • Criminal activity – are criminal activities such as harassment and obscenity being facilitated or perpetuated by use of social media?

Legislation surrounding possible breaches of the law on social media sites can seem vague and difficult to negotiate. Often, social media users are left unsure where to turn to report suspected illegal activity, and social media providers have yet to agree a uniform policy for handling complaints. Seeking legal advice from a top firm such as Parris Whittaker is therefore crucial if a case is to be settled swiftly, with your best interests in mind.

If you are concerned that you may have been the victim of defamation, a breach of copyright, harassment or any other illegal activity, you need legal advice from expert lawyers who understand every aspect of your case. And if you have been accused of illegal activity on social media sites, it is imperative that you act swiftly to secure incisive legal advice to guide you through every stage of the process.

What is more, Parris Whittaker’s lawyers have many years’ experience advising small firms and large corporations on corporate responsibility matters – including their legislative duties as regards social media.

Whether an individual or business, and whether seeking advice on illegal activity or on how to ensure you do not fall foul of legislation, call the award-winning lawyers at Parris Whittaker now for swift, expert legal advice.