Are you concerned that your intellectual or creative property rights have been infringed?

Are you concerned that your intellectual or creative property rights have been infringed?

If you are an artist, writer, designer or scientist who creates new and original ideas or works, you may be concerned that your intellectual property rights may be infringed. 

Or you may have been accused of borrowing or plagiarising the work of other creative professionals, and need urgent legal help on the issues. If so, you need swift, effective legal advice, and the award-winning intellectual property lawyers at top Bahamas firm ParrisWhittaker are ready to help.

Share – and share alike?

With the use of the internet, it has never been easier to share ideas. Not since the invention of the printing press has there been such a revolution in communication. Now, new works of art - from graphic novels to short stories, from paintings to photography, and even new scientific theories and discoveries – can be shared with millions in a moment.

But with the benefits of such a powerful sharing platform come difficulties. As work is disseminated for free, often without attribution and sometimes wrongly credited to rival artists, it has never been harder for creative professionals to earn a living from their work. And intellectual property law is moving to help protect those whose work is at risk of being stolen, duplicated or misattributed.

Copyright crackdown

In the UK, the City of London Police have launched a crackdown on copyright theft. A recently launched unit devoted to pursuing serious intellectual property crime has already made two arrests, of men suspected of importing £40,000 worth of counterfeit DVDs into the UK. The government has pledged a significant increase in funding to help fight copyright crime, and Detective Chief Superintendent Oliver Shaw told the BBC: “Our focus will be the professional criminals using intellectual property crime to generate illicit gains.”

The move comes as the regulator Ofcom published a report earlier this year estimating that almost a quarter of UK downloads infringe copyright law.

Protect yourself

But it’s not just the high-profile, high-stake criminal activity that’s a problem. If you create any new original works, whether as part of your employment or as a hobby, you are protected by law. Whether you are a keen amateur snapper or a professional photographer, a journalist or novelist, a scientist or a designer, your original works deserve protection – and should not be exploited or appropriated by anyone else. And we can work alongside corporations who need to patent and protect their trademarks and patents.

How can we help?

At ParrisWhittaker, our award-winning lawyers are experienced in all aspects of copyright and intellectual property law, and we can advise you on all the issues, including:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights and intellectual property protection
  • Trademarks
  • Trade names
  • All aspects of licensing

If you want to ensure no-one else benefits from or appropriates your original work, or abuses your trademarks and trade names, you need swift, incisive legal advice – and you need it now. Call the expert intellectual property lawyers at ParrisWhittaker now, and we can start acting on your behalf.