Concerned about litigation costs? ParrisWhittaker is ready to advise.

Concerned about litigation costs? ParrisWhittaker is ready to advise.

If you are an individual or business looking to undertake civil legal action – from personal injury compensation claims to cases involving libel or contract disputes – you need legal advice which will be both a sound investment; and protect you from unnecessary litigation costs.

At top Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker, our experienced litigators are dedicated to pursuing their client’s interests. We understand that investing in legal action can be a daunting prospect, and we ensure our clients can be confident that their investment makes sound financial sense.

Litigation: risks and benefits

No legal action is entirely without risk, and we advise our clients to undertake a cost/benefit analysis before pursuing any claim. We help clients examine the potential cost implications of a claim from every conceivable angle – always taking into account unexpected litigation costs.

At Parris Whittaker, our outstanding track record reassures our clients that legal action will make good business sense, always working towards a positive outcome that will not be detrimental to personal or business finances.

A changing landscape

Recent changes in the litigation landscape may give cause for concern. The Jackson Reforms, announced in April 2013, radically change the way in which court costs are ordered in the UK. Central to the reforms are the concepts of proportionality and fairness, ensuring that costs are proportionate to the claim, and that claimant and defendant are meeting on fair and equal terms. This approach is expected to be implemented locally with the introduction of the new Supreme Court Rules set for later this year. 

Key aspects of the The Jackson Reforms include:

  • A general 10% increase in damages from which costs can be recovered
  • Damage Based Agreements (DBAs) in which lawyers’ fees will be determined as a percentage of damages recovered
  • A 25% cap on damages recovered in Personal Injury claims
  • A new test for proportionality

ParrisWhittaker: a sound investment

It remains to be seen what long-term impact the Jackson Reforms will have on the nature of civil action and the scale of litigation fees in the UK. But what remains clear is that it has never been more essential to ensure that the financial investment in legal advice is a sound one. Securing ineffective legal advice from firms which are ill-equipped to pursue their clients’ interest is potentially disastrous, with serious consequences for personal and business finances.

A call to ParrisWhittaker represents the first step in a wise business decision. With our outstanding reputation for legal expertise across all areas of civil, commercial and trust litigation, we are known for a rigorous approach and preparedness to go further than the extra mile in our clients’ best interests.

If you are considering a claim - from contract or commercial disputes to admiralty claims – trust ParrisWhittaker to be the sound investment that will secure you the outcome you deserve.  Contact us now.