Do you need swift, incisive legal advice on immigration employment matters?

Do you need swift, incisive legal advice on immigration employment matters?

Any employer will know how important it is to have a firm grasp of all aspects of employment law. And in a global economic centre such as the Bahamas, there is a strong likelihood of encountering immigration matters alongside employment legislation.

As the Bahamas continues to cement its reputation as a top destination for investors, we are seeing more and more workers from overseas keen to take part in the Bahamas’s thriving industries – not least the tourism industry.

But a failure to get to grips with tough immigration legislation can be damaging for a business. At ParrisWhittaker, our award-winning lawyers offer expert, incisive legal advice on all aspects of immigration legislation, ensuring our clients are able to oversee a thriving business without falling foul of immigration controls.

User friendly immigration?

The government’s promise to create a ‘user friendly’ immigration policy may well have been music to their ears of those keen to see the Bahamas continue to attract foreign investors. With significant investment comes increased employment opportunities, attracting talent not only from the region but from all over the world, and creating a further boost to the local economy.

But, as one industry observer has recently warned, words are insufficient: the policy must be put into practice, and the government must ‘walk the talk’.  Though he praised the government for their efforts to improve and refine immigration policy, he warned that specifics and detailed timeframes would be necessary to ensure the policy achieved its ends. In particular, he has said that if high net worth investors are to continue to be attracted to the Bahamas, it would be necessary to allow for specialist work permits for individuals with specialist skills.

Speaking to the Tribune, he said, “It is, in my view, very important that we not only address reform on the side of attracting wealthy people to live in the Bahamas and bring their money with them, but if it is going to have the kind of impact it could potentially have on the industry, it must also reflect a modern and progressive policy and work permits.”

How can we help?

At ParrisWhittaker, we understand better than most that key to the success of a business – and indeed to the continued economy recovery of the entire region – is the individual. Without serious and careful investment in a company’s staff it simply cannot thrive. And that investment includes ensuring that every aspect of the company’s operation complies with employment and immigration law.

If you are keen to ensure your business makes the most of the growing pool of talent arriving in the Bahamas, we can help. Our expert, incisive legal advice will ensure that you negotiate the often complex immigration requirements, including the completion of all the necessary documentation. Call us now, and we can begin to work alongside you to ensure your business continues to thrive.