ParrisWhittaker offers expert legal advice on international disputes

ParrisWhittaker offers expert legal advice on international disputes

In an increasingly vibrant international business market, top Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker continues to cement its formidable reputation as a source of expert legal advice in international dispute matters

With corporations both domestically and overseas beginning to benefit from the economic turnaround, there has been an increase in the number of international disputes requiring resolution. It continues to be of paramount importance to secure the best possible legal expertise, whether considering dispute resolution by arbitration and mediation, or taking a litigation route.

Securing legal advice from ParrisWhittaker represents a sound business decision. The award-winning firm offers many years’ legal experience in trade and commerce matters, including international dispute resolution and litigation. Crucially, Parris Whittaker’s lawyers place their clients firmly at the centre of their advice, ensuring decisions as to the best way forward are those which will most benefit their client and their business. For the full duration of the dispute, the corporation’s own business objectives remain central to all legal advice.

The lawyers at ParrisWhittaker have handled international disputes for clients from a range of jurisdictions, and for clients from large-scale international corporations to smaller businesses building their portfolio. Areas in which they have successfully settled disputes on behalf of clients have included:

  • Shipping and admiralty disputes, including maritime arrest and lien matters;
  • Estates, probate, will and trust disputes;
  • Corporate disputes including incorporations and restructuring;
  • Real estate and property disputes, including commercial property matters;
  • Disputes relating to offshore corporations; and
  • Disputes arising from intellectual property, trademark and trade name issues.

International dispute resolution is a specialist legal practice which requires a specialist firm, able to guide clients carefully through all the necessary stages of preparation. This will include taking into account variations in legislation across different jurisdictions, and negotiating complex relationships with the other firms involved and with their legal teams - who may be based in more than one other country for the duration of the dispute.

Key issues which corporations must consider when entering international dispute resolution include:

  • Deciding whether arbitration, mediation or litigation will offer the most effective, swift route to resolution;
  • Identifying which legal frameworks apply – and in which jurisdictions;
  • Advising which would be the most appropriate court in which to pursue litigation;
  • Identifying when it is necessary to take control of litigation from courts in other jurisdictions;
  • Strategising the best possible approach to litigation or ADR; and
  • Project-managing large-scale international disputes across several jurisdictions.

If your firm is considering raising an international dispute, or is urgently seeking specialist legal advice on how best to settle an existing dispute, the expert team of lawyers at Parris Whittaker is waiting to take your call. With a holistic approach that places your business interests firmly at the centre of its legal advice, a call to Parris Whittaker is the first step towards swift and effective dispute resolution. Contact us now.