ParrisWhittaker Partners called to the British Virgin Islands Bar

ParrisWhittaker Partners called to the British Virgin Islands Bar

Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker is pleased to announce that two of the firm’s partners, Jacy A. J. Whittaker and Kenra Parris-Whittaker, were called to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Bar on February 25, 2013.


After a formal appearance before Justice John at the High Court of the British Virgin Islands, Mr Whittaker and Mrs Parris-Whittaker were called to the BVI Bar and admitted to practice as Barristers within the jurisdiction of the BVI.  This jurisdiction is increasingly popular for international business, and both Partners can now accept instructions to appear on matters in the BVI.

Multijurisdictional Legal Assistance

This exciting development cements ParrisWhittaker’s growing reputation as expert litigators in the conduct of multi-jurisdiction cases in offshore jurisdictions.  The calling of Mr Whittaker and Mrs Parris-Whittaker to the BVI Bar means the firm is highly equipped both to serve its existing clients with their specific needs in the BVI; and provide potential new clients with the multi-jurisdictional legal help when they need it.

ParrisWhittaker is confident the partners’ membership of the BVI Bar will assist the firm to add an even greater contribution to the legal system and the wider BVI community.

Jacy Whittaker said: “We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to assisting our clients with their particular needs in this jurisdiction.  In addition to being called to the BVI Bar, we have established the necessary measures which will allow us to move with similar speed and enthusiasm as we have already established in the Bahamas.”