ParrisWhittaker gives focus on E-Commerce

An increasingly litigious society combined with client demands for affordable personalized service has “called” two proven attorneys to raise the bar in the industry, launching the country’s newest boutique law firm.

Jacy Whittaker, partner at Parris Whittaker in Grand Bahama, said the idea was born out of the declining ability of many clients to afford attorney services.

“Everyone right now is worrying about spending, especially when it comes to litigation,” he told Guardian Business. “We noticed a shift in the way people spend and in certain demands for legal services. Being a mid-market firm, we can offer all the services that a big firm can offer at a lower price… that’s the key thing that makes us different.”

Armed with that strategy, Whittaker and partner Arthur Parris Jr. launched the firm earlier this month, specializing in e-business and e-commerce law, among other areas of practice. It’s a concept that has already caught on rather well, said the partner, even though the firm has only had its doors open for a matter of weeks. Whittaker said he’s confident that growth projections will hike anywhere from 25 to 30 percent from their start off point now.

However, he maintains the company — with its total of six employees — will strive to maintain its personal touch with its customers and avoid growth of any more than that.

“We don’t want to become oversaturated,” he said. “For right now, we don’t plan to expand rapidly. We want to keep it more of a boutique firm and make sure we cater to our current clients.”

That’s important, he said, in an expanding market where clients often have to jump through hurdles to get their order of business sorted.

“People are tired of talking to assistants and receptionists and leaving messages and not getting calls back,” Whittaker explained. “People want to have that personal touch with their attorneys [and] we want to offer them that more personal touch.

“Given the fact that we are the smaller, more agile firm, we can respond to clients’ request quicker than most. And we have the experience in both arenas to back that up, we can adapt with the coming changes.”

The firm, located on Suite 10, Seventeen Center, Bank Lane in Freeport, has also retained the services of consultant Norman Hill, QC, from Cayman islands. It’s a team that Whittaker is confident will be a success in the years to come.

By INDERIA SAUNDERS Guardian Business Reporter 2/22/2011