ParrisWhittaker Partner appointed litigation expert for the Bahamas

ParrisWhittaker Partner appointed litigation expert for the Bahamas

Bahamas-based boutique law firm ParrisWhittaker continues to accrue accreditation, accolades and attention as this month partner Kenra Parris-Whittaker has been recognized for her legal expertise in the area of  Litigation and has subsequently been elected  by the Global Law Experts (GLE) as the Litigation Law Expert for the Bahamas, 2012-2013.

Global Law Experts (GLE) is one of the world's leading recommendation and referral services for international lawyers and law firms. With up to 20,000 visits to their website per month, the GLE provide a highly sought after lustre to any attorney or law firm they appoint- a process with stringent guidelines, which is initiated by invitation only.

Once brought to the attention of the committee, featured attorneys and firms are then researched, evaluated and approved by a range of internal and external panels. At the end of the lengthy GLE accreditation process, only one lawyer or law firm per practice area in each country is profiled and delegated as a GLE Expert, high recommendation for each winning entity.

For Kenra Parris-Whittaker, the post comes as both a surprise and a pleasure. "Securing this position is something I never foresaw, but of which I am truly appreciative. I see any personal win as a greater platform for the ParrisWhittaker vision. And as always, it is this firm's fervent belief that anything that advances ParrisWhittaker advances the Bahamas."

Unexpected as the win may be, Parris-Whittaker is pleased to undertake the post, and determined to live up to the level of performance that such an auspicious nomination would demand.

The appointment was announced on December 10, 2012.