ParrisWhittaker Partner Appointed Recommended Attorney For Dispute Resolution By Global Law Experts

Jacy Whittaker, founding partner of Bahamas-based boutique law firm ParrisWhittaker, has been appointed the recommended attorney for dispute resolution in the Bahamas by the internationally renowned legal guide organization, Global Law Experts.






Global Law Experts provides a comprehensive listing of the top legal practitioners across every sphere of legal expertise across the globe. It prides itself on its rigorous vetting process, which leads to just one name being designated as the top legal expert in any given legal area for thousands of locales across the world. Adjudicated by its prestigious panel of legal research experts, Global Law Experts selects its candidates after thorough investigation and analysis. Only upon satisfaction of its requirements of exemplary practice and success rates will an attorney be invited to proceed with the qualification process.

Jacy Whittaker

Global Law Experts names only one attorney per field per locale in order to guarantee that the endorsed attorney can indeed be counted upon to be the best. Therefore, to be recognized as one of their recommended experts is an accomplishment of no small order. No one can solicit this invitation; attorneys must be invited by the organization and are confirmed only after a rigorous process.

For a small firm from the Caribbean, being recognized at all would be a great honor, but to be conferred with an official position is greater still. “I am surprised and honored in equal measure,” said Jacy Whittaker of his designation as Recommended Attorney for Dispute Resolution. “People have relied on Global Law Experts for years to point them to the best attorney for any given situation in communities around the world. It is a directory that adds an extra layer of recognition to any firm’s reputation, so I see this appointment as a tremendous win for ParrisWhittaker as well.”

While ParrisWhittaker is no stranger to rewards and recognition, this particular honor holds a special place for Mr. Whittaker. “Disputes happen, but they don’t have to end badly. I am committed to helping resolve these crises in meaningful ways with as many wins as possible for all involved. I enjoy being able to employ law in a way that can help navigate times of conflict peacefully.”

With his already robust reputation receiving yet another international boost, Jacy Whittaker is looking forward to achieving even more great things for himself, his firm and above all, his clients. With his name now firmly etched within the Global Law Experts pantheon, there should be no shortage of opportunities to do just that.