ParrisWhittaker Supports Charity Event for HIV/AIDS Awareness

ParrisWhittaker Supports Charity Event for HIV/AIDS Awareness

The Red Rose Charity Event for raising HIV/AIDS awareness was in full bloom Saturday, November 1 at the Radisson at Our Lucaya, and Bahamian-based boutique law firm, ParrisWhittaker, were present in grand style.


Under the banner, “An Evening in Paris,” the ball treated patrons to fine wine, exquisite cuisine and a night of true French elegance.

The soirée was hosted by the Red Rose Ball Committee promoting HIV/AIDS Awareness Education in Grand Bahama. Dedicated to raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, and combating it through comprehensive education programs and strategies, Red Rose Ball Committee considers its annual Gala affair a key fund-raising component, relying on the support of its corporate partners and participants.

ParrisWhittaker is one such philanthropic entity, and considers itself firmly committed to the cause and to the support of the Red Rose Ball Committee’s endeavors.

“Education will always be vital to effecting any lasting change, “ said founding partner Jacy Whittaker, adding, “When it comes to addressing an issue as serious as HIV/AIDS, we want to equip our communities with the very best defense possible: knowledge.” He emphasized the importance of what the organization was doing by holding HIV/Awareness Education workshops in schools, adding, “Our young people are an important part of our society too. Empowering them like this is essential to our country’s future.”

A wholehearted commitment to the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS through awareness and education is the underlying motive for ParrisWhittaker’s unequivocal support of the Red Rose Ball Committee’s pursuits. This shows itself in their contributing two full-sized ads to this year’s booklet, occupying premium placement as the inside of both the back and front covers. Their support also takes the shape of hearty sponsorship as a corporate partner, their attendance at the annual charity events and other efforts.