ParrisWhittaker Supports Fundraising Efforts In The Fight Against Cancer

ParrisWhittaker Supports Fundraising Efforts In The Fight Against Cancer

ParrisWhittaker, a Bahamas-based boutique law firm shows its ongoing commitment to global and community causes with a strong showing at the 5th Annual Relay for Cancer on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

A fundraising initiative led by the Fast Track Management, an athletic club, the Relay for Cancer run is spearheaded by Coach Ravanno “Ray” Ferguson, and has raised some much-needed money over the years. This is then generally disbursed to various cancer organizations throughout Grand Bahama.

What began as primarily a 4 x 100meter relay has expanded to accommodate the fitness interests of the growing crowds of participants. Since, as Ferguson asserts, the race day served the dual purpose of raising money as well as reinforcing the importance of health in the fight against cancer, the event included a 5k race and a 10k race- specifically targeting those members from the corporate sector interested in marathon training and running.

All eyes, however, remained on the relays and the ParrisWhittaker team was more than prepared to meet the challenge, with not just one but three teams of four. “The fight against cancer is not something we take lightly,” said Jacy Whittaker, founding partner of ParrisWhittaker. “Beyond a fundraising effort, our team is here to publicly declare our commitment to doing whatever we can on both the individual and corporate levels to raise awareness, raise funds, and raise spirits as we continue to search for a cure, and provide support to those affected.”

Norma Headley, president of the Grand Bahama Cancer Association- an annual beneficiary of the fundraising event- was effusive in her praise of the programme. We’ve been on the program from the time he started. We look forward to this year’s race and the funds [that] really help us. We’re in need of them.”

With the Grand Bahama Amateur Athletic Association president, Iram Lewis, echoing her sentiments, and encouraging the planners and participants alike to remain committed to the fight against cancer, it was easy to see why this event was at once so necessary and so well-supported.

Team ParrisWhittaker was more than willing to answer the call yet again, on this the fifth staging of the Annual Relay for Cancer.