Time is of the essence: Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker advises clients to act now on claims

Time is of the essence: Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker advises clients to act now on claims

If you are considering making any kind of civil or contract claim  - from claims against creditors to personal injury compensation and property disputes – the expert litigators at top Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker understand that it is essential to act fast. And not merely fast – but with total commitment to securing the right outcome.

The Bahamas Statute of Limitations

Under the Bahamas Statute of Limitations, both civil and contract claims are subject to timescales after which no action can be taken. It is essential that careful attention is paid to these deadlines, so that the chance to pursue outstanding debt, secure compensation or settle a property dispute does not slip by. Crucially, expiry of a limitation deadline provides a defendant with a complete defence against a claim – whatever the other contributing factors.

The Statute of Limitations (1995) specifies deadlines for all categories of claim, including:

  • Personal Injury claims – 3 years from date of incident
  • Claims under the Fatal Accident Act – 3 years from date of death
  • Action to recover money secured by a mortgage – 12 years
  • Action relating to property held in trust – 6 years
  • Claiming personal estate of a deceased individual – 12 years

Swift action for a swift outcome

At top Bahamas firm Parris Whittaker, our expert litigators are constantly working on behalf of clients against the clock, ensuring that no opportunity is lost because of failure to act speedily. Whilst the Statue of Limitations provides in some cases several years in which to act, it is always best to secure expert, rigorous legal advice as soon as possible. The quicker our clients come to us, the quicker our lawyers can begin to secure a just and satisfactory result.

The lawyers at ParrisWhittaker understand that speed is of the essence. We work with our clients to undertake a forensic examination of all paperwork relating to the case, considering every angle and ensuring that no potential problem or opportunity passes us by. We pride ourselves on remaining ahead of the curve, fully aware of all the most recent developments in legislation.

We have made fast, effective claims for clients including individuals, smalls businesses and major corporations across almost every civil and contract practice area, such as:

  • Debt collection and recovery
  • Contract enforcement
  • Enforcement and registration of Foreign Judgments
  • Contested probates
  • Personal injury
  • Trademark disputes
  • Construction disputes and litigation

Time is money

When it comes to effectively settling a claim, time really is money. At ParrisWhittaker, we know that you cannot afford to wait, and need a litigator that understands the need to act swiftly and with forensic attention to detail. Our expert lawyers are waiting now to take your call, and to begin working with you to secure the outcome you deserve.