E-Business & E-Commerce

The Bahamas are a wonderful haven for ebusinesses, but successful ecommerce here requires thorough familiarity with Bahamas law. This includes careful, experienced navigation of the Data Protection Act, Electronic Communications Act, and Computer Misuse Act, and a firm understanding of the Public Utilities Commission’s operations & the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.


From drafting impeccable privacy policies and terms of service, to frank assessment of the legal implications of your website, ParrisWhittaker is the solution for all the legal aspects of your Bahamas-based ecommerce business. With our strategic help, you’ll find the Bahamas to be an excellent solution for ebusiness and ecommerce companies. ParrisWhittaker is on the cutting edge of ebusiness and ecommerce law in the Bahamas and will leverage this knowledge on your behalf. Recent, important developments in Bahamas law include:

  • Data Protection Act, governing the privacy of personal information
  • Electronic Communications Act, putting electronic transactions on equal footing with paper ones
  • Computer Misuse Act, criminalizing hacking and other wrongful computer interventions
  • Hawksbill CReek Agreement and its implications

As your ebusiness grows, we deliver all the corporate services you need, including:

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