Maritime & Shipping Law

In maritime law, you've got to act fast. Once a ship leaves port and enters international waters, your rights can – literally – sail away. Likewise, if your vessel has been arrested, you're losing money every minute. You can't afford anything less than responsive, aggressive, tenacious attorneys with expertise in ship arrests and all aspects of admiralty law, who know their way around one of the world's largest, busiest container ports.


At ParrisWhittaker, we move with lightning speed to arrest vessels or resolve vessel arrests.  We leverage our deep relationships with the local port authorities on your behalf. ParrisWhittaker offers a comprehensive array of maritime law services, including:

  • Immediate vessel and product arrests, and resolutions thereof
  • Vigorous passenger injury litigation against cruise ship companies
  • Uncompromising advocacy for the rights of crew members
  • Quick resolution of maritime lien and ship mortgage disputes

When you need your maritime law needs addressed quickly and accurately, contact ParrisWhittaker.