Are you looking to make a commercial property transaction, and need fast, incisive legal advice?

Are you looking to make a commercial property transaction, and need fast, incisive legal advice?

If you are about to buy or lease commercial property, you will already know that securing the best legal advice is essential to ensuring the transaction runs smoothly. With so many documents and forms to be completed accurately and on time, and with often very large sums of money involved, real estate transactions can be a an anxious time. At top Bahamas law firm Parris Whittaker, our team of expert real estate lawyers can help guide you through every stage of the process.

As the Bahamas Investment Authority recently reported, the region is enjoying an economic rebound after the global economic slump – an upturn underpinned by growth in the global economy, public sector development and fresh initiatives in the tourism sector. And as any business owner will know, investing in commercial real estate is one of the most crucial aspects of starting or growing a business, and contributing to the economic upturn.

The right property in the right location can make or break a new business – and for a growing corporation acquiring new spaces is an integral part of healthy business expansion. Whether you own a retail business and need the perfect airy venue to tempt new customers, are looking for a workshop or factory space, or have plans for a major project such as a shopping centre or a condo complex, the process can be an exciting one, with opportunities to view a range of venues and carefully assess their suitability.

Once you have found the perfect space to buy or lease, and you’re ready to cut a deal, you will discover that making a commercial property transaction in the Bahamas can be a complex undertaking.

However well prepared you are, things can go wrong: there can be flaws in lease agreements, licenses may fail to gain approval, or you can encounter unanticipated taxes and fees. Simply negotiating your way through the raft of documentation that needs to be completed accurately and on time can be bewildering – you will need to ensure that you have adequately prepared:


  • Agreement for Sale
  • Original Title Documents
  • Evidence of Insurance (if applicable)
  • Status of Property Tax
  • Status of Service Charges (port area)
  • Subdivision approval (if applicable)
  • Draft Conveyance
  • Investments Board Permit
  • Exchange control approval
  • Title Search

If you want your commercial property transaction to run smoothly, so that you can enjoy watching your business grow into exciting new areas, it is essential that you seek expert legal advice. The real estate lawyers at Parris Whittaker are able to guide you through every aspect of the deal, from preparing lease agreements, assessing licensing needs and overseeing rigorous site analysis.

We will help ensure that every detail of your transaction is carefully and accurately undertaken, acting swiftly to resolve unforeseen problems that arise along the way. Whether you are a sole trader just setting out on your business journey, or a large corporation looking to develop a significant piece of real estate, our team of expert property lawyers are ready to act on your behalf – and help make your business dreams an exciting reality.