In need of urgent legal advice on vessel arrests from experts in Bahamas maritime law?

In need of urgent legal advice on vessel arrests from experts in Bahamas maritime law?

The world of the maritime and shipping industry is fast-paced and exciting. The Bahamas is a world leader, boasting one of the world’s largest container ports and with a growing number of high-value vessels from jurisdictions all over the world sailing under the Bahamas flag.

But whether at sea or at port, captain and crew can quickly find themselves in deep water, needing swift, effective legal advice. Top Bahamas law firm ParrisWhittaker has many years’ expertise in admiralty and shipping law, and are ready to provide in-depth maritime law advice from tax and registration matters to more urgent cases such as shipping arrests.

In the news: Cuban vessel arrested

A recent incident demonstrates how quickly and urgently vessels might need to seek expert shipping law advice from firms such as Parris Whittaker.  Earlier this year Bahamian officials intercepted a 40 foot Cuban-registered vessel off Cay Lobos, arresting the vessel and confiscating a quantity of fish. Legal advice has been secured for the crew, and the vessel’s owners will be in urgent need of a shipping law firm with extensive knowledge of Bahamian admiralty law.

Bahamas lawyers ParrisWhittaker have many years’ expertise in all aspects of maritime law, and are able to advise crews finding themselves in need of urgent, immediate action

Shipping arrest: an important legal tool

Shipping arrests are not always carried out under such dramatic circumstances, or because of a suspected crime. Arrests can be a useful tool in settling a number of shipping claims, and can be an appropriate remedy for creditors, providing security for their claim.

Occasions where arrest of a vessel might be appropriate include:

  • Providing security while a maritime claim is launched against the owner;
  • When bunker suppliers have yet to be paid;
  • Claims for damage caused either by or to the vessel;
  • Personal injury claims arising from a defect in the vessel; and
  • Claims for unpaid wages

Whatever the cause for a vessel arrest, securing instant, effective legal advice is essential. The experts in shipping law at Bahamas firm Parris Whittaker are available to provide immediate legal help at every stage of the process.

Parris Whittaker: Legal knowledge, Bahamas expertise

At ParrisWhittaker, we combine extensive knowledge of all aspects of admiralty law with an invaluable understanding of the Bahamas, and links with the port authorities and bodies such as the Bahamas Maritime Authority. When dealing with the complex legislation surrounding vessel arrest, securing legal advice from an expert shipping law firm with local expertise is essential. We can provide immediate, intuitive and instinctive legal advice on potential ship arrests and the legal basis for any claim you wish to make. Other matters we advise on include:

  • Whose responsibility  is it to maintain the vessel whilst it is under arrest?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • What third parties are affected by the arrest and its outcome?

If you are considering instigating arrest of a vessel, or are currently negotiating the difficult legal waters surrounding maritime arrest, you urgently need expert legal help. Contact Bahamas shipping lawyers ParrisWhittaker now, and we can begin to give you the advice you need.