“Morris & Carnival being sued for Vacation fraud”

The aggrieved family have filed complaints in the local courts after addressing the matter with the police, and now they are planning a suit against Carnival Cruise Lines in the United States of America.

It has been about two months since a family was torn apart because of a vacation that went wrong and they are still seeking justice. The justice is taking two turns at this point.

The aggrieved family have filed complaints in the local courts after addressing the matter with the police, and now they are planning a suit against Carnival Cruise Lines.

The Edden family with a complement of 39 members had planned a Carnival Cruise vacation in July of this year, which they had been planning since October of last year. It was recommended that they use Morris Travel which would be able to give them a good deal working with Carnival Cruises.

However, in their recount of the “vacation” they had pre-paid and had “fun” cards from Carnival when they departed for a one-night stay in Florida, before boarding the next day to go on their much anticipated cruise.

But they said when they arrived at the boat, Carnival Freedom, having already checked in their luggage and attempting to board the boat they were told to go to one side because certain members did not have reservations despite having the “Fun” cards.
They said, they were then told that only four rooms were paid for and the “Fun” cards were not all legitimate.

This was when the vacation took a sour turn, as the travel agent Eunice Morris of Morris Travel was contacted but the ship had only four remaining cabins on-board which they then sold to the travel agent. Reportedly, Morris used a credit card to secure these other four rooms.
Of the 39 family members only 29 were able to travel and the remaining 10 could not get their luggage because it was said to be mixed in with 2,500 others. One family member left on shore said, this was to be her daughter’s first cruise and when they saw the boat leave her daughter began to cry uncontrollably.

It was a heartbreaking moment for the 10 who were not only left stranded at the harbour without luggage, no transportation and who had already checked out of their rooms.
Having to find other funds for the rest of the time in Florida, the travel agent, Morris, was called and in an interview with The Freeport News, said she sent the family $1,500 to assist and had promised a total refund when they returned. However, family members said they received only $1,000 and some vouchers.

For the family members onboard it was not a good trip either.

They claimed that the rooms the paid for were not the rooms they got and later in the trip they said they were told that the credit card was fake and were asked to pay the full amount of $14,612.00 right then.

The family reported that their passports were then held and they were blocked from leaving the ship, but received help from a friend whom they said assisted them in being allowed to leave the boat in the port at Nassau Harbour, but they recalled having to leave their passports on board the boat to ensure they did not run out on the bill.

The family said they were threatened with incarceration, however, authorities were reminded that the credit card was not one owned by the people on-board, but one given by the travel agent.

With this the family were released to return home.

Back at home, in Freeport, the family went directly to the police and then met with, Jacy Whittaker, attorney-at-law to assist them in their case against Morris Travel and Carnival.
In a previous interview with The Freeport News, Morris explained that she had sent the money to a processing house, which had not sent the money on.

Later this daily received correspondence from a Daniel Wentworth, of Wentworth Accounting Agencies, Boston, Cambridge and East Central Massachusetts, United States of America stating, “Our research has revealed that there was an error in processing and due diligence to correct and inform did not take place in sufficient time to avert a problem at Wentworth Agencies (WAA) which has contributed to the distress of all parties concerned. Ms. Morris paid for a service to be rendered and we did not follow through to ensure that her request had been met.

“We have compiled points of noted interest on what transpired to cause denied boarding and payment re-call … We again apologize to the clients of Ms. Morris that suffered through an embarrassing ordeal and to Ms. Morris as she struggles to bring reason to the situation caused upon her unwarranted.“Again our sincerest apologies, Mr. Daniel Wentworth, Managing Partner.”

He sent another letter to Morris again apologizing and promising to hold a meeting with Carnival to repair any damage to Morris’ relationship with them.

In the meantime, it is alleged that Morris whose phone had been reportedly turned off since Friday evening, was seen by persons leaving on Western Air for Nassau on Saturday night reportedly heading to Canada. Later reports says she is in the Turks & Caicos.

Other reports are that the Travel Agency office has been cleaned out and is locked.
Further investigations by The Freeport News did not find a Wentworth Accounting Agencies Boston, Cambridge and East Central Massachusetts, which has a gmail email address as contact for the managing partner.

The family is still very upset and asking for their names to be cleared and to be repaid.
The Eddens have secured two other law firms in the United States – James Walker or Walker and O’Neil, and Roberto Villa Sante along with Parris Whittaker – to make a case for them.
According to Walker, who met with the family on Friday evening, “they are investigating the claim in this meeting, and they do intend to file a lawsuit against Carnival for their outrageous behaviors.”

He said they are looking for the family to be compensated for the way in which they were treated. He went further to say the family felt they were treated like criminals … They were threatened with being arrested when they returned to Miami and held against their will.
However, he said, his firm intends to file the complaint within the next 30 days.

On the matter of the travel agent, Walker said, this case could call into question the vetting of Morris Travel by Carnival as an agent.

About two weeks ago the police in Grand Bahama issued a Wanted Poster for Morris’ arrest.
But, family members on Friday said, they don’t feel that the police are doing enough. They feel she is a dangerous woman and should be dealt with immediately.

By Yasmin Popescu // Freeport News Reporter  // yasmin@nasguard.com
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