Corporate Services, Incorporation & Restructuring

In the Bahamas, corporate services, incorporations and restructuring can be painfully complex for the uninitiated. For foreign-owned companies—such as offshore holding companies—board resolutions can run afoul of local regulations, and incorporations can be rejected by regulators. Hiring an attorney without the proper expertise squanders time, money and patience.


Whether you’re forming or acquiring a company, reissuing shares, resolving a shareholder dispute, or simply ensuring in compliance with local laws, we have decades of experience with corporate law in the Bahamas and are active members of the Bahamas business community. Our corporate practice includes:

  • Precise incorporation of your new company
  • Proper restructuring when you need it
  • Sage advice on every aspect of your company’s ongoing affairs
  • Flawless board resolutions
  • Creative solutions to shareholder disputes

We are business-oriented, just like you. As such, we act like a virtual legal department down the hall from your office—but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time legal staff.

As your corporate needs evolve over time, ParrisWhittaker can also help you with:

Let ParrisWhittaker show you a more effective, innovative, economical way to meet your corporate law needs. Contact us for a consultation today.