Employment & Immigration

For foreign-owned companies, the Bahamian labor force is an attractive proposition. But you need to observe local rules and regulations, navigate trade-union politics, and be aware of case law regarding issues such as wrongful dismissal and violations of the Employment Act.


Luckily, we know our way around Bahamas employment and immigration law. If your company is shackled by a labor-union dispute or needs to bring in an employee from overseas, or if you find yourself on either side of a wrongful dismissal claim, ParrisWhittaker gives you the best possible representation across employment and immigration law categories:

  • Effective compliance with employment laws
  • Leveraging the immigration laws to facilitate your hiring process
  • Delicately and discretely resolving trade-union issues
  • Developing or defending wrongful dismissal claims

When you need the winning edge in employment and immigration law issues, contact ParrisWhittaker.