Real Estate & Commercial Property Transactions

You’ve found the perfect space to buy or lease, and you’re ready to cut a deal. But real estate and commercial property transactions in the Bahamas can be tricky. Flaws in lease agreements, licenses that fail to gain approval, unanticipated taxes and fees: all of these can make a sweet deal go sour.


Whether your project involves a shopping center, condo complex, mixed-use development, or subdivision, ParrisWhittaker will perform your due diligence. We will shepherd your transaction attentively, so that you get the full benefit of your investment. We give you:

  • Accurate preparation of lease agreements
  • Experienced assessment of licensing needs
  • Aggravation-saving compliance advice
  • Site analysis you can rely on

Seal the deal, and we can guide it through the Conveyancing & Mortgages phase effectively and efficiently.

When it’s critical that your real estate and commercial property transactions go smoothly, contact ParrisWhittaker.